Radiant Panel Technologies (RPT) is a USA company that develops and markets new and proprietary radiant panel products and adapts them to applications in Global markets. The products are then expanded and branded. These panelized heating products may be integrated into a wide variety of applications.


We represent the leading edge and breadth of innovation in radiant heat panelized technologies.  We seek to create products that improve lives and preserve resources in our global community.  We are solution driven and we are committed to providing the best product service and support in the industry.

Our team of experienced professionals are globally positioned and ready to work with you.

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RPT is a catalyst for manufacturers to expand their product offerings substantially, utilizing our technology and products in creating additional products or brand as an outsourced supplier, or integrating the technology into their own production process.

  • Research and Development with scientists focused on developing or refining technology suited to the Client’s market opportunities.
  • Provide private branding and full manufacturing process and delivery where desired or,
  • Integrating the refined products into the Client’s production and automation process.
  • Support the Client’s manufacturing capacity if desired.
  • Licensing the Client to produce our proprietary technology if desired.
  • Providing automation systems and QC oversite to set up production lines.
  • Support the Client’s marketing efforts in international markets where RPT has influence, and where the Client wishes to expand.


Your product. Your specifications. The possibilities are endless.

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