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FLM, RPT’s graphene heat film, is a rigid reinforced proprietary polymer with variable  thickness capability. It can be utilized as a stand alone heating element or connected to one another to accommodate an unlimited array of configurations.

ALL applications where electric heating is desired.

Your product. Your specifications. The possibilities are endless.

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FLM, RPT’s graphene heat film, is the building block of next generation radiant heat products. FLM is available to manufacturers wherever radiant heat is needed.

Installation Features:

  • Multiple sizes designed to accommodate most space heat needs easily and cost efficient
  • Easy Peel and stick insulation installation option
  • Panels may be cut laterally to accommodate project dimensions
  • Dramatically reduces skilled labor costs
  • Allows radiant heat to be installed with nearly unlimited configuration possibilities
  • No complicated testing or paperwork required to fulfill warranty
  • Plug and Play Series plug system connects panels in seconds
  • Never more than 2 lead wires per 20 amp circuit
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