Our products are manufactured with simple tongue and groove assembly and are ready to install out of the box. Our markets include residential, commercial, hospitality, medical, builders, contractors (HVAC, Flooring) and flooring distributors.

EASY ELEMENTS Finished Ceramic Tiles

RPT Easy Elements Finished Ceramic Heating Panels allow customers to select from a variety of ceramic finishes. Panels are manufactured with an insulated backer. Customers will receive heated flooring with reduced time for installation and less clean-up.

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RPT Insulated Heat Panels

Offers the benefit of insulation when installing heated floor systems for carpet, tile and hard floor surfaces. Panels may be utilized as a stand alone heating element or connected to one another to accommodate an unlimited array of floor coverage layout requirements.

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Under Sub-Floor Heat Panels

Brings radiant floor heating to any existing floor with adequate access to under sub-flooring. No need to demo, re-install, or disturb original floor. The “Plug and Play” wiring system provides endless configurations.

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Embedded Sheet Goods

Embeds in concrete board, HDF, engineered plywood, or fabric. Perfect solution for tiny houses, engineered houses, warehouses and offices. Can be easily modified to standardized sizes and materials to fit nearly every  application.

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Specialty Warming Panels

Our specialty warming panels allow for maximum heat efficiency and precise temperature control while being completely safe for indoor and outdoor use.  Applications include pet/livestock housing, office chair mats, foot warming mats. Private labeling available.

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Ice and Snow Melt

Safety and convenience for driveways, sidewalks and public walkways. Radiant heat panels can be used for small or large surface areas and are durable in harsh winter conditions.

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