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Easy Elements finished ceramic heating tiles are made with RPT’s proprietary graphene heat film, ready for installation out of the box with a variety of finishes available.

ALL applications where electric floor heating with finished ceramic is desired.

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Panels are manufactured with an insulated backer. Customers will receive heated flooring with reduced time for installation and less clean-up.

Installation Features:

  • Peel and stick fastening or other standard methods of installation
  • Unique Plug and Play power assembly
  • Once installation of panels is complete only grouting remains (if desired) to finish the project
  • Removes much of the skilled labor costs to install radiant heat
  • RPT products can be used right out of the box
  • No complicated testing or paperwork required to fulfill warranty
  • May be powered up while installing to provide warmth to the working area
  • Never more than 2 lead wires per 20 amp circuit
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