Why should you choose Graphene heat films?  Because RPT films have the highest number of advantages of all currently available technologies and are suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications.

Graphene boasts an incredible energy efficiency of 99%. Installation is simple and requires fewer materials (no boilers, heaters, ductwork or pipes), does not require annual maintenance to operate and the consumption-related costs are approximately 20% lower than other technologies on the market. Thanks to the layout, rate and precise control of heating by the programmable thermostat, the system provides maximum comfort; and neither stirs up dust nor dries the air. Also, they can be used as the primary or secondary source of heat.

8 Reasons to choose RPT Graphene Products

  • Easy installation
  • Little to no degradation over the lifespan of the product
  • Comfortable even heat
  • Healthier than other heat sources
  • Simple heat regulation
  • Highest efficiency
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • 20-year warranty